Doing Veganuary? Here Are Some Plant-Based Swaps You Might Want To Try

Because there’s always a vegan alternative to the food that you’re used to eating.

Maria Denisa Dascalu
3 min readJan 1, 2021


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I am vegan but have never done Veganuary. I gave veganism a try a few years ago, at the end of November, and never looked back since then.

Little did I know at that time that November is actually World Vegan Month.

I went vegan mainly for the animals but I found it’s also good for my health and the environment.

Vegan food has been revolutionized in so many ways in the past years and I can honestly say — what a time to be and become vegan!

From the vegan cheese that melts on a pizza to the plant-based milk that can be foamed.

Going vegan has many benefits but here’s what happens if you try veganism for a month alone.

You save 30 animal lives, 124,917 liters of water, 273 kg of CO2, 543 of grain, and 84 sq. m of forest.

Whether you want to try Veganuary for ethical reasons, health or to help the planet here are some vegan swaps you might want to try.


My favorite vegan cheese is the one from Violife and I use it on sandwiches and pizzas. And it melts!

Other brands to try would be Follow Your Heart and Daiya.

Nutritional yeast is the healthiest option and I personally use it as a vegan swap for parmesan cheese to put it on my pasta but some add it to pizza or sprinkle it on popcorn.

The brand I like and use is Engevita. It’s gluten-free and has B12 added to it.


So many plant-based types of milk out there — almond, coconut, oat, soy, rice, hemp etc., and from so many brands. My personal favorite is Alpro but Oatly is good too especially if you want to foam the milk.

Something that will save you lots of money and is also a healthier option is to make vegan milk at home.


Why would vegans eat plant-based meat?, some wonder. The answer is, I grew up eating meat and liked the taste of it but I love animals and they will always come first.

I am fully aware that plant-based meat is not the healthiest food to eat. But from time to time, I love eating a vegan burger or have some vegan pepperoni on my pizza.

Beyond Meat, Quorn, and THIS are just some brands you should check out for vegan meats.

But jackfruit, soy, lentils, beans, and mushrooms will forever be the healthier option to replace meat in your meals.


Yes, honey is not vegan. You can use agave and maple syrup instead — they make an excellent plant-based alternative.

Ice cream

Brands that I recommend — Alpro and Magnum’s vegan alternatives. Ben & Jerry’s do vegan ice cream too although I’m not a huge fan.


Nomo and iChoc are my favorite brands but I also recommend Vego, Moofree, and Divine Chocolate. Galaxy, Lindt, and Heidi have vegan options too.

These are just some vegan swaps to try especially if you’re new to veganism and you miss the taste of non-vegan food. And when you’ll try them you’ll realize that you can go through Veganuary without any problem.

Happy Veganuary!



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